Aercor Downwind Fin

How the Aercor Fin came to be:

Larry and I started talking about the best kind of fin for me on a Maliko Run. I had tried several types of longboard style fins and had always wondered if there was a different kind of design that would work better than a conventional fin. We talked about my thoughts on the different fin designs that I had already tried. Some fins were too big, causing too much drag; and some were too stiff, making it hard to turn the board while surfing downwind swells. Larry came up with this design. I have to admit, at first I didn’t know what to think about it.  All I knew was that I was eager to try it out.

I have gone back and forth between ruddlerless and boards with rudders. When you don’t have a rudder, your paddle and your body become your steering system. With a big fin, every adjustment you try to make takes a little more time and effort. However, the Aercor fin helped me manipulate my board in whatever direction I wanted to go with less effort.

As soon as I got it in the water, I noticed there was much less drag compared to some of the traditional fins I had tried. I also noticed that this new fin allowed me to keep the board from yawing, unlike some of the smaller fins I had tried. Heading out of Maliko Gulch, there are heavy side winds that tend to push the nose of your board downwind, before you want to go downwind. With the Aercor fin, the tail is able to go with the flow of the water and current, making it easier to steer my board in the right direction. Whether it be coming out in the side wind at Maliko, into the harbor, or surfing the bumps in the open ocean; this fin helps get you and your board to your destination faster.



“This new fin design by Jeremy has totally changed the attitude of my Naish Glide to allow me to catch way more bumps and really “surf” the waves down Maliko. It was wild at first because it worked so well. Now my board is so incredibly responsive, quick to zig zag while allowing me to hold a big drop down the face. I’m a huge fan of this fin!”

Suzie Cooney; Owner Suzie Trains Maui, Naish Rider


“The new Aercor fin has been a great addition to my Foote Maliko 14.  It certainly makes the Maliko and Harbor portions of the run a lot easier on a fixed fin board—you can feel that there is less resistance from the fin when the wind is blasting you from the side and you are trying to get out of Maliko or into the Harbor.  The fin also makes surfing the swells a lot of fun—it holds dropping into the swell and turning down the line. It is a very responsive surf fin that makes downwinding so much fun.  The Aercor fin is like having two fins in one.”

Kathy Shipman; 1st place Overall 14′ Woman’s Olukai Hoolaulea using the Aercor fin on her Foote Maliko 14


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