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There once was a man, who conquered the seas and who became a legend.

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People often ask me, Suzie who trains you? Well, I’m inspired by so many people but there is one person who I trust the most, and who has pushed me in harsh, knarly conditions but always with a watchful eye and great teaching skills, and that is Jeremy Riggs. Although I too help people navigate Maliko down winders, I put my trust and confidence in Jeremy to give me that extra competitive edge or strategy when approaching be swell racing techniques.  His website:

Jeremy Riggs

Jeremy’s big swell and big wave knowledge is pretty incredible. He chases me down to the harbor and like any good coach; has me pushing and watching for every bump and glide. Wow. As a trainer, I love it. His patience and ability to read the swells while I’m riding is cool. He’ll be right on the tail of my board telling me there’s a big one coming, just paddle harder and don’t stop. Funny, I know that but it’s like having an extra turbo boost in my brain that goes right to my body.

Here’s a photo of yesterday’s coaching session. Maliko run to the harbor March 17, 2012. Winds gusting over 40 mph and nice, big Easterly swell running underneath us. His wife Jill joined as well which made it extra fun.

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