Downwind Surfing Basic Exercises

Basic exercises that can be practiced in flat water on a stand up paddle board. This video covers bracing and steering with the paddle. Both of these skills will come in handy on a downwind run.


  1. Gordon Rock

    Thanks for the clinic Saturday, it was a blast, and for a good cause too!

    Can you tell me how your fin would perform differently from standard 8.5″ dolphin that you recommended for me? Is that how tall your fin is?

    Thanks again for the clinic!

    Gordon Rock

    • Hi Gordon,
      Thanks for coming out and paddling. It was great to meet you.
      The Aercor fin is 6.5 inches tall. It gives you more control when you are using your paddle to change directions. The hole in the fin allows water to flow through the fin instead of the water or wind forcing you and the board in the wrong direction. You will notice a big difference in rough and challenging conditions.

  2. I have a new 12-6 sic bullet. What would you recomend on the Aercor fin? Also what are the patterns and colors available. Thanks

    • Yes. The fin works great on the 12-6 Bullet. I’m sold out right now. When the new batch comes in I can let you know what colors are available.

  3. Excellent video, hope to see more tips for downwind from the best!
    You put the fin all the way back for downwind??

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