Maui To Molokai Downwind Run

The four of us met the boat captain at Mala Wharf and loaded our stand up paddle boards and a canoe onto the boat racks for a downwind run. The captain took us up to Honolua Bay where we unloaded and started our 27 mile adventure. The wind was gusting up to 45mph and we caught countless glides all the way to Kaunakakai Harbor on Molokai.

Maui To Molokai Downwind Run from Paddle With Riggs on Vimeo.

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  1. Fantastic job Jeremy on so many levels. Great camera work at the heart of it and then superb editing, I know that took a while. It is amazing to me that the three of you stayed so tight together making for multiple subjects in the same frame therefore yielding lots of action. Here on the Cali north coast deep in the heart of Summer the swells are almost all very short period, short fetch wind swells that don’t provide many long single wave glides. The rides are usually very short, the longer ones coming from stitching together multiple bumps in the same ride. I love looking at the long continuous glides and watching the rider so relaxed and just flying across the sea surface. Kudos, another masterpiece!

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