Reading Bumps

This was my first attempt at narrating while filming and chasing bumps. I’m riding a Bill Foote Maliko 14 downwind race board with an AercorĀ  downwind race fin from Larry Allison.



  1. Rachel Forbes

    Great video Jeremy! Felt like I was there with you. Enjoyed the narration and am inspired for my next dw in a few days. Hope you are well. Cheers Rach (from Melbourne)

  2. Yeah! Another great vid. I tried my first POV video with a GoPro Hero2 and GoPro headband on Thursday and blogged it yesterday. It definitely wasn’t as big or as windy as this vid, and I did not even come close to getting the rides you were getting, but the perspective and the feel was very similar. As noted in my blog post I’m going to widen the field of vision on the GoPro from narrow to medium. Hopefully that will give the viewer a better look and feel for the real thing without too much distraction from an “unnatural look” or wide angle setting. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration!

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