Red Nose Number Two

After a few years of riding 24′ wide boards on the Maliko run, I decided it was time to test my limits again. I’ve always enjoyed being in the shaping bay and having input on the boards I’m riding. I’m privileged to have that option living here on Maui. However, it’s always risky to change things like the rocker, bottom contours, lengths, widths and thickness. I’m lucky to know great shapers that are always happy to talk about board designs and characteristics. Once the board is shaped, the waiting game begins. I’m always questioning myself wondering if I went too narrow, too thick, or made too many changes, but that’s all just part of the fun. Being involved with the build and the mysteries that come along with it adds a lot of excitement to getting a new board. Red Nose Number Two was shaped at SIC Maui by Amir Arbel and she’s a beauty.


Love the personal touch!


SIC Active Steering System


Here we go.


Thanks for the ride Randy!


Ready for take off.


More stable than I thought. Whew!


Catching little bumps and gliding like crazy!


Feeling good! Ready for Maliko!!

Thanks to the crew up at the SIC Maui factory for an amazing board and thanks to Lina Augaitis and Randy Royse for the pics!


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  1. Robert Sherriff

    Looks a beauty! At 22″ wide I can just imagine the “phew” you felt when you first took it out to find it was more stable than you thought. Can’t wait to see the first vid of it in action!

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