S.I.C. Downwind Footwork Video

We’ve had a great stretch of wind lately for our Maliko runs. I’ve been hearing of some record runs by some of Maui’s fastest paddlers.

After years of riding stock race boards; I’m learning how to maximize the benefits of having a rudder and starting to see the opportunities to go faster and make more connections.

Before I got this new board, I consistently rode a 14′ stock race board. Without the rudder, I’d say that about 70% of my strokes were directional to assist in turning the board and connecting bumps. I could step back and make the board turn using a traditional surf stance. I’m now looking to find the right balance of directional strokes and tail surfing, combined with the use of a rudder; to turn in an instant and keep connecting the glides. This balance may mean less directional strokes and more power strokes. It’s like a whole new game and I can’t wait to go back out and learn some new moves.


  1. Laron Kageyama

    Sooo sick!

  2. Great video, Jeremy. You and your crew are making the BEST downwind vids out there that I’ve seen. Very informative. But…after listening to the music on this one I think I got a little cow pie on my speakers!;-)

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