The S.I.C. V2 Bullet Test Run

Here’s the same video without the music this time.




  1. Dave Kissane

    Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the video. So what is the verdict? Will you be going with the V1 or V2 Bullet. I have no problem with balance on the V1 and have ordered another V1 for when i come in June/July. Should i be going with a V2 instead?
    Dave Kissane

    • Hi Dave,
      I haven’t had enough time on it yet to make that call. I’ll get back to you after some more runs. The shuttle is starting to get busy here so I should know more soon.

      Glad to here you’re coming back to Maui,


  2. Laron Kageyama

    Thanks for the video! The V1 does fine in my local conditions, but if it’s better on less than ideal conditions, I might rather upgrade to the V2. Keep the videos coming!! Aloha! a.k.a. Takeo

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